Wardrobe Shopping

Closet chaos can send the most organized of us reeling. Whether the A.M. rush, or packing for a last minute business trip, a well-managed wardrobe can get you out the door looking polished and professional, while easing the associated time crunch. 

All too often, our closets are packed with pieces that simply don't work. Years of accumulation can leave you with suits/outfits that are no longer current, clothing that needs to be altered, or may have seen better days. Everything in your closet should work. It should fit well, look great, and always be clean and pressed. Yet, accomplishing this task can seem overwhelming. Hiring a professional can help. Making an appointment to analyze your current wardrobe situation is the first step. During this initial appointment, we will discuss your wardrobe needs, your personal preferences, and your lifestyle. Weeding through your closet, and clearing out the clutter is the next step. At your follow-up appointment, a selection of clothing and accessories will be presented to you. We'll work through these pieces, trying on, accessorizing, and pinning any alterations that may be necessary. What could be easier? Letting a professional do the legwork will ultimately save you time; avoiding wardrobe mistakes will save you money!

Services Available:

Personal Shopping & Styling

Corporate & Personal Gift Giving

Wardrobe & Closet Edits

Closet Design Consultations

Seniors Services: downsizing help and retirement facility preparations