Fall 2016 Women's Wear Trends

  • Velvet & Lace
  • Leather
  • Renaissance Revival
  • Sensual Opulence
  • Animal Print
  • Decadence 
  • Embellishment
  • Caplets
  • Pin Stripes-Updated
  • Dark Florals
  • Gold Metallic
  • Colourful Furs
  • Thoughtful Layering
  • Rich Burgundy 
  • Fringe
  • Rock & Roll Revival
  • Block and Decorated Heels
  • Belts
  • Military Details
  • Accessories, and lots of them!

Individuality and authenticity are integral elements of this season. Understanding what you love, and what works for you, are the key components to pulling your look together as we push forward into fall. This season, darkness reigns, print and pattern are opulently mixed, and luxury is the new renaissance. Boho gets a little edgier with the feel-good hippie vibe we’ve seen over the last few seasons taking on a more avant-garde sophisticated aesthetic. Fashion reveals its serious side with military influences ranging from epaulettes and gilded braiding to gold buttons and band jackets…and it is all gorgeous!

If you are thinking that this is the year that you would like to add a bit of novelty into your wardrobe, then you’ve picked the right season. It seems that almost every piece that is hitting the retail floor right now is special. Whether it be print, pattern, trims, texture, design elements, or a combination, it’s definitely a beautiful season to behold. And with novelty pieces appearing to be the staple offering this season, it’s no wonder that the other major theme of fall revolves around classic tailoring and timeless elegance. Polar opposites that pair perfectly!

Taking your traditional camel coat and pairing it with thigh-high leather boots and one of the gorgeous dark floral scarves on offer this season, will do the trick. Team a suede animal print pump with your black workhorse suit, or a classic white silk blouse with your printed embroidered jeans…combinations that can elevate some of your everyday items into runway worthy looks. 

Accessories are a major player this fall as well, and a fabulous way to update almost everything. Some of the handbags this season are so much fun, and so creative, you may want to simply display them on your wall as art. Many shoes fall into this same category; decorated and embellished within an inch of their lives!

Pulling your wardrobe together though starts with the basics, make sure they are all covered first; the great suit, the perfect blouse, a classic pump, a well fitted designer jean that can be teamed with a sweater or a blazer. Once those are in place, start having fun by adding in the pieces that really call to you and push your own personality out there. Do you love leopard print? Add only a touch, or go all out. Maybe AC/DC was your go-to band years ago…lots of leather trimmed items to choose from this season. 

There is no cookie-cutter beauty anymore, no specific facade that one needs to adhere to in order to feel that they are carrying “the look”. It’s all about being yourself, being authentic and letting your best possible self shine through. It’s about having fun, and not taking it all too seriously. 

In a world where uncertainty seems to the be the new norm and turbulence is a bit of an everyday occurrence, fashion is the welcome escape. I’m channeling Marrakesh as my fashion escape, who are you channeling?

Enjoy the season xo