Awesome at any age...

Never before have we seen a period in history where men and women of all ages have been so celebrated. 22 is great, 40 is spectacular and pushing 70 is cause for celebration. 

Style has no age, and great style can be achieved at any point. With experience comes expertise, which is the key to understanding what works for you at any point in your aesthetic life. Start by determining what you actually like. Keep a file of clipped images or downloads of looks that appeal to you. Experiment with key trends, silhouettes, colours, designer labels and/or manufacturers in an effort to pinpoint your best look, or at least to understand what works for you and your body type.

Perhaps you love super skinny jeans, but they don’t love you. Maybe the last time you wore pastel pink, you receive numerous compliments. Why was that? 

Identify individuals that you think look great and analyze why. It might be hair & make-up, a well-cut jacket, a particular colour, or perhaps it’s just an overall polish that helps them exude confidence and professionalism. Become a professional people watcher!

Several recent fashion advertising campaigns included people of all ages. This is a huge breakthrough! Check out Dolce & Gabbana over the last couple of seasons, Holt Renfrew’s spring book, Kate Spade and Alexis Bitter with 93 year old Iris Apfel, even Celine, Saint Laurent and L’Oreal are in on the “movement”.

Spring is certainly a great time to try something new, no matter what your age. We all get stuck in a rut sometimes, grab the same outfit over and over again, walk the same route, grab the same box of cereal off the grocery shelf. Time to shake it up and enjoy the vitality that comes with a fresh outlook. 

Have fun!