StyleNotes Spring 2016 Newsletter

This weekend, make a date with your closet. Set an hour or two aside to sift through what you have, weed out what has seen better days and put together a "wish list" for future purchases. If it's been awhile and the task seems too daunting, give me a call and we'll get it done together. 

Below is a link to the spring 2016 edition of StyleNotes, a "quick hit" to help you decipher what is trending in the world of fashion, and available to you now.

Spring weather will eventually arrive and having a few new pieces in your wardrobe to freshen it all up is such a great feeling! Book your appointment now and I will start scouting out a few new favourites for you!

Awesome at any age...

Awesome at any age...

Never before have we seen a period in history where men and women of all ages have been so celebrated. 22 is great, 40 is spectacular and pushing 70 is cause for celebration. 

Style has no age, and great style can be achieved at any point. With experience comes expertise, which is the key to understanding what works for you at any point in your aesthetic life. Start by determining what you actually like.

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