The Company

The LA Consulting Group understands the importance of image. In today's competitive world, what you wear and how you present yourself can be just as important as who you are and what you know. Whether you are heading up a large international organization, running a small business from home, or simply trying to command some attention at your local deli counter, how you are perceived by others can make all the difference to your success. The ability to make a great first impression is crucial, especially in business; being able to achieve this on a day-to-day basis is a life skill...one well worth cultivating. 

Established in 1996 by Laura Adams, The LA Consulting Group has one simple mandate, to help people look and feel their very best by developing an image that works, as well as a means of maintaining it. Laura knows that looking good and feeling great are the ultimate confidence boosters. Research has proven that well-turned-out people are more likely to be hired, often command higher salaries, and tend to be promoted more quickly. It makes sense then, that we take our looks seriously.

Laura Adams

Laura loves working with people, and derives great pleasure from helping her clients with their wardrobe needs and image concerns. She has helped television and political personalities shine in the spotlight, young graduates pull together business wardrobes, seniors who are downsizing and busy executives all remain fashionable and on trend. 

"Connecting with people is what I love about my job! It's extremely rewarding to help my clients gain knowledge and understanding of what works best for them. Everybody's needs are so different, and that's what keeps it exciting. Sometimes, all that is required is a tweak, other times, a full seasonal overhaul may be in order. Peoples lives are constantly changing and everyone is so busy. Having a well-curated closet means you are ready for whatever situation you may find yourself in.".

Being a diverse individual, with an innate ability to grasp and understand peoples needs has been a major contributor to Laura's success. Laura has a sound knowledge of colour theory, fabrication, fit & tailoring, as well as an excellent sense of style. This she honed through years of study at Ryerson's School of Fashion. Laura also studied Magazine Journalism at Ryerson and Television Operations and Production at Humber College. 

Laura is an Executive Member of Fashion Group International, and a past Board Member. FGI is a global organization established in 1931.